Monday, January 23, 2006

Sympathetic Hypocrites

I was watching Kalyug last night. and when the movie reached it's end, my brainwave realized something: WE ALL ARE HYPOCRITES. shocked?? or are u thinking,"may be the writer is, but I'm not". then, allow me to explain, my friend.

we never visit brothels and probably fell bad for the poor girls who are forced to take prostitution as a job.and we do hate prostitution. and i know that we all are ready to donate money to any NGO working for their rights.

and we all have noticed that nowadays some people are trying to capture our private moments.concealed cameras are everywhere and anyone can fall into this trap. we all do believe that it's a intrusion of our privacy.and we do want it to stop and hate the people who shoot innocent people like this.

i think we all agree to the things written so far. aren't we???so shall i continue????

well, i think it's enough of moral discussion. why don't we discuss about some interesting things??

have you all seen the latest reality blue films? i prefer the reality ones because it shows what people really do at bed and lack the vulgarity of general blue films. and thanks to MMS, now we are getting all the interesting stuff just inside our cellphones. be it the DPS students "job", or filmstar Shahid and Kareena kissing each other. and we all know about the videos of miss Jammu which was filmed with a concealed camera, or the numerous MMSes in our mailboxes.

(I even went to my friend's place to see the Shahid Kareena clip, coz it was not loading in my pc)

so that means that we all do enjoy pornography.

so whta's the inference????we hate people who film people's private moments without telling them, but we enjoy the videos. we hate prostittution, but loves to see blue films where half off the girls come from brothels.

so what are we????aren't we all a bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!
I hope by now, U also agree with me? don't u????c'mon!!stop hypocricy and accept that u r a hypocrite.

(P.S. this post has nothing to do with the (handfull)people who never watch pornography or do like to visit brothels. the turget of this post are the majority of people who are good at heart, do empathize with the pain of others and loves pornography.)


Rita said...

Well, since I am not a part of of your target reader, I dunno what to say!
Thanks for linking me! :D

Raven said...

The point is well taken. I am very disenchanted with people who use the term hypocrite to describe ANYONE. EVERYONE is a hypocrite you just need to find where in their life, but it's there.

Adi said...

well written,one more peek into the reality....but to reiterate wat rav has said..wud u deny tht,hypocrisy is one of th most inherent characteristics of human beings?thats something really no one can do away with....apart from these contestations,its actually praiseworthy

educatedunemployed said...

Hmm..hypocrisy is like being selfish..We all are to varying degrees.What matters is what we do with it.And how comfortable are you with what you do.
Some one is doing serious thinking haan?..thats good for a change..:p

Arz000n said...

.concealed cameras are everywhere and anyone can fall into this trap.
while I was in Delhi couple of months back on a business trip...I had this fear...what if someone is capturing me walking naked in ma room or taking a shower....its not that anyone wud actually enjoy that clip and run down to friends place to watch it....but anyway...

so what are we????aren't we all a bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!
Oh yeah....I think we are hypocrites...

I heard about this movie kalyug covering some blue film ka jhol... was the movie??

debarati said...

oh well nicely written!! yea ok so we are hypocrits!! happy now?

bhalo kore ranna kore niye jas, i like mushrooms !! [:P]