Saturday, January 14, 2006


i just finished watching the movie 'MY BROTHER NIKIL'.and i'm highly affected by it.i'm not gonna write on homosexuality or AIDS; both demand an entire post on itself. but after watching the movie all i want to do is to support people invected with HIV.

we still laugh at any advertise on AIDS, but now i know what the result of this we-don't-care attitude is. and i' shocked. i did read lots of newspaper reports on how people illtreated the family of an hiv positive person. but i used to think it happens in rurla areas, not in any city filled with educated peoples. but we all know that we are not educated, but 'so called educated'.

but now i want to change, i want to make differences. however small it would be. i want to join a group supporting HIV positive people. in this movie their group is called 'people positive'. does any of u know about any such groups in kolkata or in india?if u know, plz give me the contact details.

and think once before laughing or ignoring at any poster about AIDS.

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