Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Kolkata Boimela 2006

Finally I'm writing this post about kolkata boimela, i.e.;bookfair. And I don't think I'm too late to write it as only 6 days have gone after the last day of this year's bookfair.

like great bong, I also opine that the kolkata bookfair is not only about books. it is about people, its about foods, its about singing in the field, its about little magazines and its about so many things. though i want to write a long post on it, i' cutting it short and posting some pics of this year's bookfair. (otherwise, my little sis, who's waiting for me to get off the computer so that she can use it, would kill me)


Emerald. said...


Even though I love reading and books, I've never been to a book~fair.

I guess it's the peace and quiet I get from reading is what attracts me the most.

Looking at the pictures will do it for me for now though.

Thank you for posting them.

Gangadhar said...

Nice pics,mate!!

Arz000n said...

Its been a long time havent been to book fair myself...



thanks for sharing this pics of Boimela with us Dwaipayan.


Rita said...

Hey, thanks for posting this. I sooooooo miss the boimela :(

Emerald. said...

Have you ever considered renaming


of your Blog?

debarati said...


dwaipayan said...

1st of all, let me confess. i've loaded all the pics from net and none was shot by me. ok?

emerald, no doubt peace and quiet are very attractive.but in a fair it feels so nice to see thousands of people gathering just for books. here u can catch an author and talk to him. and it's amazing.
and, i did reconsider renaming my blog. but then decided to keep it as it is. why don't u think meanigless crap is enough meaningless or enough crap?

gangadhar,thank u.i'm glad that u liked it.

arzoon and rita,
i'm honoured.

and debarati,
i just wonder how u can make such great comments. awesome.....

Soumyadip said...

Someone's shutterhappy here.

hera said...

wow! a big event solely for books! how i would love to be in one. :)

Emerald. said...

True! I don't know you very well / or long,

~ but I have a feeling you're getting more up-beat about your place in life.

I'm not sure about your opinion on me & a bookfair though.

I'm not very good at focusing on one impression (scattered, attachment disordered me - you see.

Maybe it's something I can learn though.

Let's take this one step at a time. Visualize with me for instance:

Me @ A Bookfair:

I see books. Lots of them. And if it's a busy day. Lots of people. And the sales-people of course.

( step one ) i'm not sure if this is easier in writing than the real thing

Allright. Where was I.

Lots of books.

( me needs a break so I can re-read and re-trace what I'm doing )

Emerald. said...

Ah. I was at a bookfair.


Hold on to that scene.

As I'm off for a "lunch"-break.


focusing will become a bit easier.

In the script as well.

In a while.


M. / Or Em. Or Me.

Emerald. said...

(Signing out with Lv. reminds me

how much in Love I feel.

Theeere they are, the butterflies.

Or maybe it's just my empty stomacht.


Emerald. said...

It's a good thing that I choose



Thinking a lot more these days.

Emerald. said...


You have an interesting reason for

naming your blog.


Hiren said...

Great pictures. Really seems like a grand mela.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Looks good!!!

What's the last pic about?

Wanderer said...

Thats great

Gangadhar said...

No updates? how's you?
have a nice week ahead..

Angelo Combine said...

Emerald's a bit Confused these Days,

so I'll try to Finish this little

Tale For Her:

Angelo Combine said...

Last time Em. was at a Fair, she

forgot to dress properly--

weatherwise. It was Almost


I guess she still connects any Fair

with that Experience.

Silly, stubborn Elephant that She


Angelo Combine said...

She has a Great Time though. As she

was with a Great Friend. Who got

the Bigger Picture Eventually.

So they went Home to cook a Nice

Meal and Chill.

I think Em. Learned another Lesson.

She'll get There.

Angelo Combine said...

And this was only Leisurely


Imagine, Em. at a Fair she truly


Angelo Combine said...

Last time She did That, was with a

Group of Friends.

Group Activities work quite well

for Here, These Days.

Angelo Combine said...

She felt Comfortable enough

with her Crew.

So the Visit was pretty Succesful.

I don't think she experienced it

as an Assignment so much.

Angelo Combine said...

I can see that Em. wrote Her posts

at a Time, when She was a lot more


Angelo Combine said...

Best to not send her to a Food

Fair. Yet.

She'll never go Home.

Like Now.

Angelo Combine said...


Take Care.