Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's 1st March Again!!!

exactly 2 years ago,Dad died in a road accident.and since then, we have become emotionally wretched. I won't forget that day. Getting a call from a friend at college to know that My sis had called her and asked me to go home immidiately coz mom is not well. I called sis back. she said, even she didn't know the details but she also got a call from home and so she is returning from office.
i went home by a metro.and i won't forget the scene i saw. my sis, my grand mom and some other relatives were sitting helpselessly at the stairs. my sis saw me and said,"Mom is alright!!Dad had an accident and he is no more!!"

I was dumbstrucked. but man, my sis is a brave girl. she confirmed the news by calling her office(a tv channel). informed all the relatives. went to the police station to do all the formalities. and I won't ever forget how she copped up with those days...
abyways, 2 years have passed!!!which means 731 days. but still ....


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