Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Magic of Four

this time I've been tagged by
  • EducatedUnemployed

  • and so here is my confession!!

    Four Jobs I have had:
    i'm still unemployed. but i made and sell some candles(still people ask me to sell candles to them,but, due to my lazyness I just don't make them.). apart from this, i did nothing. but i'd love to work parttime in a high tech bookstore (so that can read all the books for free) like Crossword. I'd also like to join CRY or any other NGO. but for my full time job, I want to be a scientist(so many miles to go!!!!!)

    Four movies I could watch over and over:
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
    Jaane Bhi Doh Yaaroon
    Dhonyi meye( a bengali movie)
    Any Disney Movie

    Four places I've lived:
    The third planet of the solar system

    Four TV Shows I love to watch:
    Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai
    Sabrina the teenage witch
    Disney cartoons
    Bewitched(the soap)

    Four places I've been on vacation to:
    Gangtok and Kalympong
    Mysore and Ooty

    Four of my favourite foods:
    Ice cream: Dark Desire(simply mouth watering)
    (can I write some more items??I mean a couple of hundreds will do)

    Four places I'd rather be right now:
    Presidency College( My 2nd home)
    Woods of North Bengal
    US of America
    Any good restaurant(of course some one else have to pay the bill)

    Four sites I visit Daily:

    Four bloggers I am Tagging:
  • abaniko

  • Divya

  • Anthony

  • Arz000n


    anthony said...

    Arre yaar another TAG.. lol..
    i will reply after some time.. lol. let someone elase tag me again.. i get the same tag from 3-4 diff people lol...

    Soumyadip said...

    No buddy, you don't come to my online abode daily? Atleast my Statcounter doesn't say so.

    You can watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hain over and over again??????????????

    Soumyadip said...

    The hyperlinks don't work. Fix the a href part. There are extra tags there.

    dwaipayan said...

    soumyadip: i tried again and again, but I can't fix it. after all i know nothing about html. so...

    and yes i can watch kkhh again and again. and i dnt care what ur stst counter says. i only nknow that i don't lie, and speically not such a cheap lie. rest is upto u

    Abaniko said...

    Disney. That explains why you're a happy funny guy. Thanks for the tag man but I have already answered this meme. Pls see my Jan 20 post.

    d4u said...

    U a SRK fan tooo?? 4 me it would be DDLJ more than KKHH:p

    educatedunemployed said...

    Hey thanks for taking up the tag.You are such a sporty.Atleast now I know who I can bank on.And yes gulab jamuns rock.You not into Bengali sweetmeats?