Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Presidencian Memory

This is my fourth summer in the Presidency College, Kolkata. and once again i'm being mesmerised by the charm of the Presi campus!!!! the walks by the Accacia lined way between the fields of our college and Hare School(which, luckily is my school!!), spending time in the cool of Arts and Science libraries while the whole campus is suffering from a blow of hot air, having lemonade from the man who sits outside the main gate, coming to college for doing library works in the month of may before the exam.......I'm going to experience these again!!!!!!and it's heaven!!!

spending time in the canteen=rejuvenation

chatting endlessly at the quadrangle=identifying urself with the Presidencian culture

whispering sweet nothings in the lover's lane= lover's paradise

encountering with the sky from the terrace of Baker's laboratory buliding=Awesome

going to Coffee House for AN 'adda' andvisiting the bookshops= this is life

liking a book and realizing you can't afford it=I want to earn!!!

conclusion:there are some things that money can buy. for everything else...



d4u said...

Nice!Sounds like u "living life kingsize" in your college!

Abaniko said...

your campus looks quiet and very conducive to learning. no wonder you love it!

Arz000n said...

Man..I too remember those coll days..it was so fun..
I miss ma college now :(

Mirage said...

University years!! Just cant get over the fun!! Ur lucky u have another year...my days are numbered!!

Hiren said...

You made me nostalgic about my college days.

Life can be a heaven provided you are in the occupation of your liking.

debarati said...

ohhh man i miss Presi soooo muchhh!! wa haaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

Emerald. said...

I think I can safely say, that I Love my University.

I made some great friends, met some great teachers / professors / etc. there.

Studying can become a bit of a lonely and selfish activity at some times though.

That's why I like the Unions so much.

Finding a Job should be my first

priority though.

Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

ahh...sigh..those were the days!

Ashi said...

i want to earn, maybe sweat out for the same, a whiff of books can really compensate for everything. naked ape and the illustrated "a brief history of almost everything"... a few more years and i hope my anticipations would only last till the book shops and not beyond them.

Anonymous said...

150 years, and somewhere in it you passed thru the hallowed portals of Presci.

Pals said...

i love my college.... becoz of many more reasons... write more abt this na... i love it