Friday, January 12, 2007

The Loo Hangover

Chetan Bhagat said how awkward it's to meet your boss in the washroom. well, I don't know about that.But you don't feel like throwing a party when you enter the loo wanting to relieve yourself and spot a Prof engaged in his private moments.

Actually, this should not happen as both the students and Profs have different washrooms to serve their purpose. But due to some mysterious reasons, our department have exchanged the washrooms. So the washroom we used to own, is now being used by the Profs, of course with loads of renovation.And The one we visit at critical moments, is the one previously used by the teachers.

But it seems that they are not as clear about the change as we are. So we occasionally find some of them there.And those moments pass thinking whether we should wish them, or smile or nod or simply ignore.
I prefer the last one.


Soumyadip said...

I too had thought of blogging about a similar experience which reminded me of Chetan's words. The other day (in fact two in succession) I happened to find the boss in the loo. In the first incidence he was washing his hand, so I politely smiled (I need to keep my job), the next time he was doing his job, and I did what I was supposed to do. Did my job and pretended that I didn't even notice him. So did he. I believe loo etiquettes demand that. Conversations while peeing is was over in the college days.

deepti said...

Well thats nice. Brought back certain memories... But does it really matter?

Debalina said...

I have better idea.Look at theirs, look at yours and compare... ;)

illusiontruth2005 said...

loo is a place where face all sorts of weird incidents........this post of urs reminded me of my schooldays and sometimes its really tough to decide one's move in such a situation.....atleast one will be able to understand wat loo etiquettes demand after reading ur post...(i think)