Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Great Indian Railway

If anything connects India more than cricket and BSNL, I think that's the Indian Railway. you would be able to find people from every province of India in a single buggy. and the gradual change in the language and the product of the hawkers from the start to the end of the journey always amazes me.

since childhood i'm fond of traveling by train, but these days the long journeys make me impatient. so I don't think i'll be loyal for a long time. and the condition of the toilet is the main factor for that.

my latest journey was more than 1500 kilometers and it took more than 24 hours( including the delay). while boarding the train from howrah station, I was shocked to see the coupe full of sardars with baggages as big as their bellies. but thankfully, they shifted somewhere else. I had a some bengali people with their family as my co passengers. there was a little girl who was a chatter box and didn't stop talking for a split second. i was amazed seeing how the two families got so close to each other in so little time, but when they got down together, i realized that they were traveling together because they are relatives.
for me train journey means reading a book, penning down a few lines in my journal, thinking a lot, and sleeping until my back starts aching. well, there are a few more things, but i don't want my blog to be the confession of all the illegal things that i do.

while coming back i also had a bengali family. but there were some non-bengali people , too. i was shocked by the couple's eating ability.i was convinced that they were two magicians in disguise. because the amount of food they had in train and considering all that came from the little bag, i was impressed by their magic. and while sleeping they also took out some blankets from their little bags. I was convinced that if they wanted, they could have put in the whole Poorva Express inside that bag. after eating the lady was reading a hindi magazine. i was a bit concerned about her husband, but i saw that with his amazing magic he's made the same cooking magazine to become something with mallika sherawat's pic with a title called, "haan. mein sexy hoon"

but the train journey is incomplete without the hawkers, the beggers, the enuchs and the food you buy from the station.
for the 1st three I'm not going to say anything, but as par as the last one is concerned, don't ever try chicken biriyani from mughalsarai. you'd consider turning a vegan.

while coming back for a momentI felt like, to somewhereI'm also like a train. for some time some people can't imagine their life without me and they enjoy being with me from the bottom of their heart. but after a little while, they move apart and don't even feel like saying good bye. and I got busy with some new people.

well, that's how life is.
you and me will spend our life like the parallel track of the rail, always beside each other. people will think that we'd merge at the horizon. but that's just an illusion. we'll always be at the same distance we were at the start of our journey.

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I loved the last para!!!

people will think we'll merge at the horizon...

cool post!