Sunday, January 07, 2007


Delhi dreams has become reality and now it's a mere memory. but the sweetest memory. some people find it very funny that though i had spend 8 days in Delhi, I've not seen a single monument of Delhi. but if you ask my opinion, I don't regret.
for me, monuments are a part of history, and history is interesting because it's about people. so i prefer to see and meet people than monuments. moreover, i should have some reasons to visit Delhi next time.

when I planned to visit Delhi on Christmas, people advised me not to because of the extreme climate. but i really liked the winter in Delhi. i used to sit in the terrace at midnight to have a smoke before going to my bed.
but as I've already said, what i really liked about Delhi. is the people. well, I'm not talking about delhites generally, but the one i went to meet and stayed with.

i've never been to a blogger's meet, but everyday in Delhi was like one. i was staying with my brother soumyadip, who lives with his friends aklanta and varsha.

Soumyadip is like a celebrity blogger, aklanta is someone who blogs rarely but each of his posts is so good that you really wouldn't mind waiting for them. Varsha was the only one who still do not blog, but she also has plans to start soon. I met some of my friends. Bamby has nothing to do with blogs but is a wonderful friend to be with. and adi and deepti always impressed me with their poetic posts.

I spend a whole day with adi and deepti but not for a single moment i felt that i was meeting them for the 1st time in my life. i was just myself. and they had no problems accepting me with my lousy sense of humor.

If I want I can describe how we spend the 31st December visiting Agra, but Fatepur Sikri and Tajmahal are something most people will the same kind of emotions after visiting them. i thought about describing the wonderful people I met there and stayed with, but I've finally understood that words are a mere vehicle of human emotions. and it doesn't really matter if you don't express everything, the feeling is what matters most.

I couldn't say goodbye to my friends, but i don't even know how to say that properly. we'll meet again friends. we shall meet again.

My 1st visit to the national capital will not be mine last one. that's something I'm sure about.


Anonymous said...

So you had a great vacation nd met up wid gr8 ppl!!

deepti said...

U r a sweetheart. sachi me.