Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Year

Bored by a month long vacation, I was eagerly waiting for my classes to resume. Yesterday I went to college and was greeted by a Prof warmly:
" how dare you take microbiology as special paper?"
I lied innocently," sir, I like the subject"
him:" but I don't like you"
I felt like saying " that is your bloody problem, go to the HOD and complain." but instead i said some more innocent lies.

after settling down a bit I eyed the room which I've been seeing for the last 4 years- which is gonna be my home for all the Thursday and Friday of this educational year.
the long green table,where we have to manage some space by shifting aside numerous glass apparatus and bottles of every shape and size containing chemicals of all the possible colours. bottles of alcohol( but not a single one is drinkable..sigh!), two autoclaves, which are giant pressure cooker to be precise; 3 incubators - where to bake a cake was my fantasy.The AC of the adjacent culture room provides some comfort from the hot and humid climate outside.
and I started doing my 1st lab work of this year. work gives me an excuse to keep myself busy. moreover this 1 year at this lab probably enable me to write a book called " How to sustain in unfavourable conditions"
the work finished at 5:30 pm. me, debarchana- my lab mate and only hope in those 2 days of the week, chingridi aka shuvamitadi- the playnology research scholar and my best buddy in college nowadays-went out together. the violent rain started even before we managed to get out of the Baker Laboratories Building. as we were advancing towards the shelter of the canteen shielded by our umbrellas we spotted the librarian ma'am walking along getting drenched in rain.
the 1st years were enjoying their 1st rain in the college, singing and dancing in rain with friends.we cherished our memories over 3 cups of equivalent of tea.
when we set for home one hour later, college street has flooded. when i reached the next crossing and managed to find a bit of land still visible above water, i empathize with the sailors who spot land after months of tiring voyage at the sea.

the day started as a boring one, but however I enjoyed it. not to mention the cold and cough as the side effect.

today when another Prof asked me," why did you take microbiology as special paper? what's your future plans?"felt like saying the truth , but what emerges from my mouth was the typical lie," i like the subject, sir."

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medusa said...

you know, i never missed a single rain in college?
have fun.