Tuesday, July 11, 2006


8 blasts in Mumbai. granade attack in Kasmir. red alert in delhi and kolkata. deadbodies everywhere.

earlier when i used to read 150 people has been killed in an accident, i thought that only 150 persons were affected. later my own experience taught me that 150 death means 150 suffering families.

i can never ride a two wheeler again in my life. neither can my sister. i just wonder how the children of the mumbai blast victimes were feeling. will they ever be able to ride a train again??
the youngman ,who has come back to kolkata hearing news of losing her full family in amarnath, could he ever go on a vacation??

hundreds of kids have become orphan last evening. smile from thousand faces has wiped away. who to blame?? we can't blame anyone. we have nothing to do. we can only accept the fact. they are no more.

kolkata and delhi are also under red alert. kolkata, which we used to think as the safest place in india, is also under threat. we know if terrorists ever choosed to attack here, metro rail would be their target. yet we'll travel by metro. we pass the journey reading, chatting, thinking, sleeping. if the attack comes..thousands of mutilated bodies will be available- some hands still clutching a newspaper, some faces with some unuttered words.

we all are deeply mourned by the news. but it won't affect us. it never does. i'll go college after some time. as it reopens today after almost a month, we friends will have long awaited talks, we'll discuss movies and gossip, we'll be lost in our own world.
you'll be going to ur office,busy in ur own work, checking anf forwarding mails..

just one thing will be common to all of us.


Arz000n said...

Everyones vulnerable...but its way we protect each other...and help people out at the time of crisis..

Hats off for the people of mumbai..it was up and back to normal within 24hrs...

d4u said...

Thats how uncertain life's got now..

Gangadhar said...

my deepest sympathies to Mumbai..
and i was amazed by mumbai people on seeing their stoic nature during the crisis..
yeah as z000nie said...Hats off!!