Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mail... E-Mail

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The dream which I've seen maximum no. of times is the one about finding my letterbox full with letters and most of these bearing my name. In the last 10 years, I've seen this numerous times.
It doesn't take Freud to interpret this dream. I love getting letters and really love to get them..I've pen pals over the year- a bond formed by the letters with those faceless strangers.
with the advent of technology my pen pals were replaced by chat friends; yahoo messenger and GMail taking the place of pen and paper.
But I still love to get letters, though now I hardly get one in a year. on the contrary my inbox is always full of new emails.
E mails: Electronic mails. extremely fast. I don't have to worry anymore about what the fate of the letter would be.Neither I have to wait for 15 days to have a reply( the prompt one). sometimes the reply comes within a minute.but... as my cousin once wrote, Emails lack personal touch.

let me explain. my cousin and me used to keep in touch through letters.our relationship grew over the years through the letters and then emails and now blogs.
we still email, call and keep in touch. but emails lack the speciality. unless u count the latest ways by which my cousin irritates me in the mails, there's nothing to established that it's the mail coming from him. I mean, emails bear just some typed characters... without any uniqueness. any Tom-Dick-Harry could have typed that. it doesn't have the unique ornate scrolls characterising his letters or the bad handwriting proclaiming to be a letter from me.

the Internet has done so many things. but it took away the personal touch. moreover, now we think..yeah..we'll send this..but ultimately we don't.

the world is getting smaller and smaller
it's now restricted to the satellite and Internet
but you and me are drifting apart
more distant than two stars,
thousands light years apart.

[ a bad try to translate a famous Bengali song by the band Mohiner Ghoraguli(the horses of Mohin)...the whole India now knows the tune of this song..humming it to be bheegi bheggi si hain..]


Soumyadip said...

That handwriting (in the pic) seems familiar and doesn't look to be bad. Maybe the readability part...

Abaniko said...

I miss receiving letters from friends too. They have a personal touch in them. Unfortunately, all we have now are e-mails. Mostly, spam. Blame technology.

dwaipayan said...

there are many letters in the pic. however, some should look famnniliar to you if you have anything called memory. and well, the familiar handwriting is ornate , not bad . bad handwriting is found in the letters written by me... which i usually don't publish on net...

we all miss receiving letters. but no one wants to write anymore. we always have the excuse of being busy. however, i've started writing letters again with the new perker fountain pen that i bought(insane me bought that for 250 bucks and decleared myself broke!!).
and SPAM...i forgot to mention them...forwarded mails are also in the line..

The Comic Project said...

nice translation :-) Haven't been in India for a while - any chance of getting the original MP3? ;-)

I was never a letter writer but I am not an email writer as well. But I did write a few letters. And I burnt a few. So I know what letters can do.

dwaipayan said...

The comic project,
definitely u can have the original mp3.. i'll send this to u.. but i dnt know ur email address. anyway, i'll check for that in ur blog..

and yes,,i've also burnt a few letters.. it feels weird to see the paper carrying so much emotions..getting transformed into ash.. but that helped me overcome a mistake i did, and i grew up