Monday, July 31, 2006

1Year and 26 Days

Yes. I started blogging on 6th july, 2005. it was my 2nd try at blogging. my 1st blog which contained only 1 post somwtimes during 2003, dies prematurely lacking care.
however, "meaningless crap" survived. may be it's because of the name. may be it's because my cousin has also started a blog around that time, and so it kinda influenced me to post and re-post. though at that time i'd do anything to deny this fact, but after almost 13 months of blogging, blog hopping, getting accquiented with so many bloggers, some of whom became my friend beyond the blogs...i can say, thank you. thank you Rintu.

as i said, i started blogging just like that. i didn't even have any idea what my 1st post would be about. but then it was time for results of my graduation. so i just typed a few lines on that. the journey started from that post. and since then my blogger friends are with me.. through out the depression and suicidal thoughts period, getting in Presi once more to do my msc, attending the lectures with my mind thinking how to get material for a post... and i know they will be with me when i'd leave botany and will go for something else.. advertising.
i know, YOU will be with me.

I'm not extending this post by mentioning the names and links of people who enriched me with their comments, blogs and their cyber presence ( that would make this post lengthier than the script of kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi). i will not thank you people, because friends don't thank each other. i'd just say, be there.

and the journey continues...


Rita said...

Congrats and be sure that we (your 'virtual' friends, if I may say so) will be there.
But why botany to advertising?

Gangadhar said...

And nice write up too..
Keep blogging

Ashi said...

and miles to go before you close this blog down?

Ashi said...

aah that seemed as if i am criticizing your space, naah i have seen this wen you reach the acme of blogging or somehthing on those lines you just delete your blog, quite strange if you ask me but well, i have seen some doing it
ps suggestion NEVER DO IT

Ashi said...

have i seen you in calcutta bloggers comm in orkut?

dwaipayan said...

rita, thanks .. i know i can count on you all. and botany ...enough.. 5 year of botany is more than enough. now i want to go for advertising, is would satisfy my creative urge. and they say, go for a job which u love to do. so the decision.

thank you thank you.


ur 1st comment surprised me. however, the 2nd one show the reality.
don't worry, i won't delete my blog. just couldn't. it has added a meaning to my life, apart of fetching so many friends.

dwaipayan said...

ashi, u bet. i just opened the community.planning for a blogger's meet

educatedunemployed said...

Hey congratulations.Surviving a year is an awesome achievement.Well done and good luck.Hope to see many more posts from you.

dwaipayan said...

nice to see ur comment after such a long time

Soumyadip said...

Even if you didn't acknowledge it. I knew that Rintu had something to do with this blog.

Where's the party?

dwaipayan said...

you always seems to know my untold secrets...
the party will be in delhi, of course the 'inspiration' will host it:P