Monday, July 03, 2006

Live from Shillong

writing form a cyber cafe at Laban, Shillong. it's 5:41pm and the weather is a fine cool one...and extremely enjoyable.
i'm having a great time reading books, watching tv, eating great food and roaming around's awesome..

ok ..enough, now shall i say the truth??
the weather is is everything. but my mood is not. i just hate myself. having mood swings..and i have become so lazy that today i was not even feeling like's weird..i find myself tired of reading books, watching tv and sleeping.

what does i want man????i don't know..(and the bad thing is that i can't even kick my own ass)
2 days ago i was scribbling down my book at night and i was in blue. helpless..thinking about her..and why does it happen to me(everyone thinks so, na??)..
and suddenly a thought occured to me..
if blue means depression or sadness why are blue films called so??
i even managed to find some answer..but that i'll write later..(the book's not with me..and my memory..worse than a floppy)

anyway, my lazy ass is getting more lazy...and i think if i manafge this rate..a sloth will reach kolkata for me..


Abaniko said...

Just give in to your mood. You're in Shillong to relax and to be "lazy", right? Enjoy!

Rita said...

Wow! You're in Shillong? :O
Enjoyyyyyyyyy! And I would like to know the answer to the question about blue? :P