Friday, September 15, 2006

Boys to Men

2 days ago I was watching 'Lizzie McGuire', my favourite show, on Disney channel. That episode shows the confusion regarding the tranformation from boy to man. The episode was wonderful, as all disney ones are. But that gave me some food for thought: When did I became a man shedding my boyhood?

ok. 1st let me confess,I can't consider myself a complete man( so no raymonds for me :P) until I start earning, but it's also true that I don't call myself a boy anymore (ignore the moments when I do something for a girl and she says ,"oh dwai, what a good boy you are")
But when did I transform. The Dwaipayan who came out from Hare School was definitely a boy.infact the plus 2 classes were actually the transition phase.But the dwai who comes out of Presidency College after his graduation( and again re-entered there) is a man!! more matured, more practical.

the lonely,introvert guy who always had problems in making friends has become some sort of amiable thing. the guy who had only a handful friends at school now had friends all over the collage and the globe. and some of his close friends haven't even seen him. The college years did this makeover( or was it the company of girls?)

but what was the moment when the transformation occured?? was it my 1st depression or 1st smoke?? 1st gulp of alcohol or the first kiss?? the moment of discovering something softer than butter or the moment when we decide to split up?? the 1st shave was pretty close to be that moment but there are many important part of being a man than the 1st shaving.

I think I got it. the moment when I grew up to be a man was the moment of betrayal. when I realized that my supposedly best friend was never a friend and was actually exploiting me and others.

that was my moment of transformation. what was yours??
(ladies,the question is not for you. coz we all know the answer:P)


Abaniko said...

First kiss. Just a kiss? Oh, boy! :-)

Appu said...

i agree with abaniko. Just a kiss, boy, arent u pretty moderate on that front? i think the feeling of independance begins the transition, and at the other end of it awaits a shitload of responsibility, and thats when we try the reverse transition process. :)

Anonymous said...

Earning doesn't maketh a man. The chotu who delivers tea at my office also earns, he's not a man, just a kid with a lost childhood.

Kisses and shaves are not metamorphosing. Though girls are, they can make you feel like a man, but do not necessarily make you a man (though they have a relatively high success rate in making kids out of men).

That betrayal have been your moment, but the real one is yet to come. I'm waiting for mine.

dwaipayan said...

abaniko and appu;
don't expect that I'd write all the details...that would made this blog x rated.;)

soumyadip; are right!! Though I've grown up a li'l bit..I still can't call myself a man!! 'GUY' is the word I use. I don't know when I'll transform..may be after I got responsibilities. But one thing I'm sure about is that the boy within me will always remain.
the 14yr old boys comes out of this 24 yr old body now and then and embarrasses me. some months ago I find myself crying just because that was the last night of the vacation and I felt I'd miss someone. how stupid.
I wonder why I wonder

The Nameless One said...

Bhery rightly said.

adi said...

now i understand why u see urself in me...
and now i'll have to do the same, this post could very well written by me, it is so similar. i'll attempt something like this soon.

and who defines who is a man or a boy or a guy or a kid. i think soumya was close to the mark. but he's also looking at an external validation of manhood.

dont u think being a man is a label that society pastes on u? certain guidelines that one shud behave like this or that only. otherwise u become sissy!!!

i dont think so.

i believe i was a man at 11 when i helped my mother recovering from an accident. and i believe i am also a kid when i fight with my best friend over the movie ticket. still i havent changed. i m everything and nothing.

who the hell this society is to define and fit me in a pre-determined mould???

and thanks for one thing. i thot i ws the only 26 yr old who watches lizie mcguire. now i've company ;)

and u know what, one of my clients at revlon called me just to say i look like lizie's friend, D. and she said her 5 yr old daughter is a fan of him.

that's the kind of girl friends we'll get in future...