Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Recipe for Disaster

Disclaimer: don't try this at home. and even if you did, don't you dare ask someone to taste it if you love your life.

Take 100 gms of milk powder. add some flour.make a dough with some milk. make small balls and deep fry those. Add the fried balls in sugar syrup. and all the while think you are making gulab jamuns which will melt in your mouth.

some more things if you don't want to miss the disaster. Use a candle for cooking as the kitchen light will not work. lafter looking for oil, got that from your grandma. steal some resins from your mom's stock to put inside the balls.

When I took the 1st ball in my mouth, I immidiately knew it's anything but gulabjamun. Yet, mom said these are tasty after having one herself. and Vikram, my 10year old cousin, who always manages to have an headache ( as an excuse for not having my food) whenever I ask him to have something made by me; that Vikram is begging me for some more of these.
anyway, the credit must go to the milk powder which is tasty in any form (except the solution in hot water)


Appu said...

hehehe, sounds like fun. will NEVER try this at home, dont want to be sent to the hotel daily for dinner.

Varsha said...

heh heh....what made you try this recipe?