Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Paradox of Life

I published my last post on 4th . 5 days has passed since. I thought of writing about so many topics but haven't done a single one.

I'm quitting smoking 3 times everyday. Everyweek I'm promising myself that I'd finish the anatomy assignment that is already pending for 3 weeks. And the list is endless. We are supposed to have an hectic schedule but as the study has become an extracurricular activity for me (except for the exam days) I have loads of time to spend on net and with myself. No wonder, my head is filled with useless thoughts.

Sometimes I wait for a letter that I know is never gonna come. last night at around pm I went out and I thought something was in my letter box. but I forget to check that out while coming back. but at 11:30 pm I was so sure that the letter has finally arrived. I even went downstairs with the key... no prize for guessing that the letter box was as empty as ever.

I'm not sure why I'm writing all this crap here. I have no idea. I planned to wrote something else actually , but the words just came out.

btw, can I put blogging in the list of my extracurricular activities??


medusa said...

blogging primary activity.

Appu said...

nope, blogging is your job, what u do for a living, the rest at best a liesure time activity