Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm a dreamer.i have an amazing capability of dreaming. daydreaming is my favourite way of killing time. but i'm going to talk about something else. the real dream. i dream. whenever i sleep, i dream.and i sleep whenever I get the chance. not only in my bed,but I sleep at bus, train, metro, classroom, theater,auditorium,seminars, private tution, in short everywhere. it started when i was in standard XI. i had my bengali tution early in the morning. no wonder i started sleeping as soon as my tutior stated giving notes. but the most surprising thing is that i took my notes simultaneously.though the handwriting was a bit illegible than my original one, but i could still read it. and that way i developed my skill of takng notes while sleeping. i changed my ttion to the evening shift, but the 'sleeping beauty syndome' didn't go away. after my boards, it was gone. it came back during my 3rd year in college. and in a severe form. i realized it in tution again. the proffessor was teaching us some problems on genetics and he found me with my eyes closed. he called me and asked me the solution. i answered. and it was the right answer. i don't make mistakes when it involves genetics, even when i'm just woke up from a nap. then it took a very casual turn. everyday my proffessor used to awake me up just to say" dwaipayan, u r sleeping!!". and if,by any chance, i didn't sleep during his class a single day; i used to tell hm " sir, i didn't sleep today" not only in tution, i even slept during my college lectures. our biochemistry teacher was unique in his style of teachng. we didn't have to note anything, our only job was to see the projection and hear his words.and for the sake of projection, all the lights of the lecture theatre were turned off. all these together made his lectures so soporific that everyone tried hard to keep their eyes open.and i used to dozz off,that to sitting in the first row. and he was so good that he never told me a single word for this. but I haven't yet said the interesting part of the story. the dreaming all thes naps i dreamt something. and if i had to open my eyes due to some reason, the dream reasumed just the moment i close my eyes again. and i dreamt in all the places i've mentioned at the starting of this post. the fairy tales should be re-written. who is prince charming? i'm the prefect match for sleeping beauty.we will be sleeping ever after. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Soumyadip said...

I can't help but recall your comment on my blog about long posts.

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