Saturday, August 13, 2005

the crappy crap

hmmm.... I'm thinking. i'm thinking about choosing a topic on which i can compose my next post. this time, for a change, i'm trying to choose a serious topic. but i'm helpless. my brains doesn't allow me to get serious. since the last 15 minutes i'm trying to think seriously and i could only think of writing about:
'CROSSWORD' or 'LANDMARK"- two of my favourite bookstores
that's all. so serious blogging isn't my cup of tea( though i preffer coffee: filtered or cold). so i've n intention of insulting the devine power (which enables me of talking/writing crap endlessly) by engainging in serious stuff. although my crap posts are failed to attract any reader( well, i'd not be attracted to these, myself). and so the no of comments is really low. the only one who comments regularly is soumyadip chowdhury, that's too beacuse he's my cousin.
but i'm not a man to be depressed upon such a petty matter. the devine power has chosen me to fill the cyber space with non-sense craps. and i shall perform my duty

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Soumyadip said...

I comment because I also want a comment in return. But it is always interesting to know what other people think.