Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mallika sherawat:WHAT?

sometimes i just wonder wat mallika sherawat thinks bout herself. from her public image it seems that she considers herself sexy?"sexy"? uhh! for me she is a TOTAL TURN OFF. she thinks she can achieve success just by showing her skin and smooching on screen. oh man! i pity those heroes who had the badluck to kiss her onscreen. and as far acting is concerned, mallika is poles apart. and she says,her competion is with salma hayek,penolope cruz and angelina jolie. i think all she needs is a visit to a good psychiatrist. poor mallika!!!!!!!


Zombie said...

Interesting, none of the guys I have spoken to so far find any substance in Mallika.

Hmmmmmmm...maybe therz still hope left for u guys! Just kidding.

And hey, thanks for visitng my space.

Soumyadip said...

She doesn't have any talent and that's an established fact. So she tries to hog publicity with whatever 'assets' she has. Most sensible people will not fall for her 'charms,' but the sad fact remains that there aren't many people with much sense around.

Anonymous said...

just seeing it works or not