Tuesday, August 16, 2005

suicidal thoughts

my carrear is in jeopardy. dont know wat will i do. i've always been a good student and now i'm worried bout my admission in masters.
it seems that there are very few options. it's damn insulting. today while coming back from college i was thinking bout commiting suicide. but then that's a very stupid thing. i wont do it anyway. specially not after dad's accidental death. it will put my family in total agony.and that's a thing i cant do to them. otherwise i had loads of reason to suicide. well, probably i have to leave kolkata. i knew it'd happen someday. what i didnt know is that i have to go away as a loser. but it's not the end,man. i'll come back. someday.

"dil naummeed toh nahin
nakaam hi to hain
rangeen hain gam ki shaam,magar
shaam hi toh hain"


Soumyadip said...

Often in life, we may be down but are never out unless we ourselves want to be. And I don't think that you want to be out. You have to stick in and work it out. I too went through a similar phase in life, somehow sailed through it.

Dil na-umeed to nahin
na-kaam hi to hai
lambi hai gham ki shyam
magar shyam hi to hai

Yeh safar bahut hai kathin magar
na udaas ho mere hamsafar

Nahin rehne wali yeh mushkilen
ki hai agli modh pe manzilen
meri baat ka tu yakeen kar
na udas ho mere hamsafar

Yeh sitam ki raat hai dhalne ko
hai andhera gham ka pighalne ko
zara der iss-me lage agar
na udas ho mere hamsafar

Kahin dhoond le-ga yeh caravan
woh nayi zameen naya aasmaan
jise dhoondti hai teri nazar
na udas ho mere hamsafar

Anonymous said...

Never contemplate giving up on life cos u'll never get it back. So live life even if it entails struggle. Its worth it cos I've been through many ups and downs in life and they made me what I'm today, good or bad.