Saturday, September 24, 2005

bengali dialects

yesterday i was with some of my pals. and suddenly our discussion was turned to the dialects of bengali. one was asking me to speak 'bangaal' and i refused. because ,though my parents and grandparents still use it, i'm not very comfortable using 'baangal', i prefer the kolkatan dialect (often called as the pure one). and then someone was saying that she finds it very funny to see people claded in a suite and using 'baangal'.
i don't think so. it's a language. and i love the diversity of it. although i really have hard times trying to guess the words if someone speaks rapid 'syllatti'. but i can understand some of it. i actually find it very sweet to see modern people speaking 'baangaal'. and i find it even sweeter when someone used to speak 'baangaal' tries to speak the kolkatan bangla. u'd never miss a special 'taan' . and i really love that.( although, i irritate them by teasing about it)
so long live bangla with all the bangaal dialects.


Zombie said...

Having spent my entire life in Delhi, I sometimes find it difficulty when relatives frm the interior Kolkata visit us, forget Bangladeshi ppl.

The good thing about ur posts is the earthiness in it.

Good job. Keep it up.

Zombie said...


Soumyadip said...

Kita re ba bhala ni? Tumar blog ta phoriya bhala laglo. Bhujcho ni, nijer bhasha nijar bhasha hoi. Je aanando nijer mato pawa jai, otare aami bhujaite partam nai.

Hope you understand.

Me said...

'bangaal' bhasha khub sweet lage sunte...jadio aajkal aar sona jaina..

vishal said...

bangal bhasha shob bangla dialects er moidde best,amar sobche priyo bhasa