Friday, September 16, 2005

for comments only

we all love to get comments in our blog. and people do strange things to attract comments. the commonest thing is to comment on other's blog, in return u can expect a comment. but there are some who can go to any extent for luring comments.
i know someone very closely( so closely, that i even sometimes see him in mirror). he visits loads of blogs and comments on these. but most of the time his comments are I-don't-know-what-to-comment-but-otherwise-they-won't-comment-on-my-blog type. naturally his blog doesn't get a good no of comments.
then there is a cousin of mine (don't worry, i'm not mentioning ur name. so ur reputation won't get more damaged than it already is!). since the last 18 monthes he didn't send me even a single e-mail. but now, after i start blogging and commenting on his blogs, he had called me twice. that too STD.
but i find all these very silly. i'm not much bothered 'bout the no of comments i've got. in fact it's so trivial that i request all my readers to comment on this blog so that i can see what's the big deal about cooments is.(hope this new strategy will work)

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Anonymous said...

The calls were in response to the incessant missed calls.