Monday, September 05, 2005

my adventures in the kitchen

i started sneaking in the kitchen around 2-3 years ago. at first i used to cook secretly when everyone was sleeping. my only accomplish was my 7 yr old cousin. i still remember when i tried to made pulao. i told him that he had to eat it even if it became unpalatable. after tasting he said nothing . but nowadays,whenever i offer him anything cooked by me, he says,"i'm having a terrible headache, so can't eat now". so considering!!!!!

one day i tried pudding. i won't say much about it. but every human being (including me) in my family refused to eat it by showing some weak reason. so i gave it to a stray dog. it sniffed the pudding and looked at me with a "i'd-better-be-hungry" look and finally don't eat it.

i also tried to make dhokla once. it tasted like soil. but,after 2 or 3 years i've finally picked up some recipies. so feel free to taste anything i make.( don't worry, we have a hospital near ourn home.)


Abaniko said...

Let's admit it. Cooking is a talent. I think we belong to the blessed category of Tasters/Eaters.

Me said...


Soumyadip said...

Thankfully I haven't had such experiences and therefore I remain the better cook.

Hey and whats that? Word verification! The other day you were cursing me for putting that on my blog.

dwaipayan said...

it's to take a revenche on people like u.
and i think it's high time u satrt realizing the difference between fact and humour