Wednesday, September 28, 2005

days at presi

the classes are going in full phase. i enjoy the tissue culture lab totally. yesterday we dut our plants and put the fragments in another culture tube for callus tissue production. i think i did it well, coz i didn't get any scolding from tj, our proff.
but all are not good news. i've just started enjoying my weekend offs. and srs, the microbiology proffessor announced that he'd take labs on saturday. GREAT. bye bye weekends. i'm so greatful that they aren't asking us to comme college on sunday.


Me said...

*he'd take labs on saturday

bechara .... eki govt office ? sani-rabi dudin chhuti ?

Zombie said...

lol avik

dwaipayan: these r times u ll need to slog - fir toh aish hi aish - do i sound like mommy already? :p

Abaniko said...

i rarely hear students liking school these days. you're one of a kind. keep it up. i think you'll become successful one day.

dwaipayan said...

avik, no its a govt college.

zombie, u do sound like my mom

and abaniko, thanks