Friday, August 25, 2006

The Day before D-day

proffs and stuffs reharsing for their song

doing the board
we reharsing for the 'shrutinatok' ( can u spot me??)
making the decoration: the begining

making the decoration: stage two

the decoration: complete


Gangadhar said...

Nice pics,dwai...
You're the one who's reading the script in the 3rd pic?
Well,decorations 're gud but girls 're so cute rather..Hope you had somuch fun..

Soumyadip said...

Yes, there's you with a morose expression.

Hiren said...

Very nice photographs. You could rename it C-day because of the colorful photos involved.

Abaniko said...

Is that you in front? Yes, that must be you.

dwaipayan said...

gangadhar, :)
i did have so much fun...and the girls were looking even more cuter in sari on the d day

soumyadip, thanks... because of you everyone now recognizes me. after all, you published my pic on your blog.

nice idea!!

no wonder you spotted me. all beacuse od my damn cousin!!

ILLUSION said...

nice pics indeed.and yes,u r not only being spotted but u r highlighted also.

Varsha said...

nice pics!!

educatedunemployed said...

Hahaha this morose face is the best I have seen of you so far.So how did the programme go?