Friday, August 25, 2006


today we have a depertmental programme. farewell of two proffs and welcoming two new ones. among the five years of students of the depertment. only we(msc second year) and bsc 1st years are available now. so the work load is entirely upon us.
planning the events, placing the orders for food and flower, looking for the gifts, negotiating with the teachers about everything...but it's fun!!
and once proff was creating probs, wasnt releasing 2 of us yeaterday to reharse and was taking a huge practical. our friends send another proff to rescue us and we were saved. but when reharsal was over, we were called by him to complete the work. we did. but later while switching off all the instruments I found out that the two stupid labmates of us hasn't switched off the UV light and have done all the work in the Uv light. we also have wrked under it for around half an hour.

last night suddenly I woke up with a pain in my eyes, both eyes were extremly irritating and tear was constantly coming out. this continued for around 1 hour.still now it's not fully ok. I was wondering if that was due to UV radiation. I just prayed so that I do not get blind.

will see an opthalmologist tomorrow. but just now a senior reassured me that UV do not have such effects. I never look forward to have any alergy in my eyes. let it be alergy, it will gone by eye drops..

update: today I found out that the pain was indeed due to exposure to UV light. the two culprits couldn't come to college because of the pain in their eyes. All sirs advised us to take vitamin c for some days and to visit the doc.

I just wonder whether I should insure my life or not. but the only preventive method is to work wearing a space suit. anybody want to sell 2nd hand space suit??

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Soumyadip said...

The UV radiation will now transform you into a mutant. Now you too can wear your underpants over your trousers and tie a towel to your neck and become "Botany Man!"