Sunday, August 06, 2006

From The Horse's Mouth...

In a recent post I put some lines of a song by a popular bengali band, the 1st bengali band. Reading the translated lines, a blogger friend asked me to send him the song and later to send him the translated lyric.After lots of looking over I finally managed to retrive the cd from my untidy collection. And since them I'm listening to it. Thank you The Comic Project, for sending me down the memory lane once again.

'Mohiner Ghoraguli'( some also says Moheener Ghoraguli), was the 1st bengali band. which became popular after 20 years of their formation. It's around 30 years, and no college fest can take place in bengal without performing a Number opf them.
I accquinted with these songs during my +2 years. I liked some songs. Didn't like some.But now when I listen to these, it feels kinda nostalgic. Out of the four albums , I own two.But thanks to internet all the songs are availavle these days. nowadays I like most of their songs, But some are my all time favourite..through out the 7 years.

It has always been my deepest desire to sing "porasunoi jolanjoli bhebe" in front of our whole depertment at any of the programmes, but I was never allowed to do so. Or take the song," dhandar thekeo jotil"(more puzzling than riddles) which always depicts my mental condition whenever i fall in love( so far 33.59 times). though i never like cricket as a game, i immensely like the song "cricket" which talks about similarity of life and cricket. there are many more... but nowadays my favourite is "aashai aashai bose aachi"( waiting in hope) by the founder of the band Goutam Chattopadhyay.

Here I put some of the songs for you to listen .If anybody likes these and want more, contact me( or you know where to get those). And i'm working on to translate some of the lyrics, so that our non-bengali friends can also enjoy the songs with their meaning.

Prithibita naki choto hote hote
Manush chena daai
Porasunoi jolanjoli bhebe
dhandar thekeo jotil tumi
Priya Cafe
Aashai aashai bose aachi


indraneil said...

thank you brother for some wonderfull inroads into the world of mohiner ghoraguli

The Comic Project said...

hey...i am not into bengali songs but am gonna download this and listen. Thanks dwdc.

Golden Shadow Circle said...
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Golden Shadow Circle said...

Though I dont understand bengali i heard this mind blowing song which made me look in to the band 'moheens ghoraguli' and after that i have fallen in love with their spirit and would like to understand the meaning of this song 'Prithibita naki choto hote hote' Can you please translate the lyrics and send it to me at

Thanx very much for your time