Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Meaning of Life

when I was a kid ( mentally I still am), I used to wait for the day when I'll grow up. and I grew up.Sat for so many exams, cracked some, failed in others. one year ago doing the masters course in botany was very important for me, but now I'm counting days for the course to be finished. Boring practicals, soporific theories... I'm going through all this all the while looking forward to the puja vacation which will be from 22nd sept to 31st oct and will include an excursion to sikkim from 9th to17th of oct. Ffter the vacation, I'll do classes waiting for the christmas holidays. And once that is over, I've to survive through 4 months of continuous classes and an exam at the end. After that ...I don't know.
Probably a course on advertising and a job after that. Now I think it'll be a smooth journey once I get a job, but I know it won't. I know I'll look forwrd to something else then and the days will pass waiting for that.
All these thought made me think, is life all about waiting?? Is life all about passing days??

jindagi kya din kaatne ka naam hain??

Only time can answer


b v n said...

think this waiting job is for the luckier ones like us.for the unlucky its like being unhappy with nothing to wait for.

Once i heard a freedom fighter turned congress politician say in a debate,
"i have slept on cold cement floors in jail"
his communist counterpart said "i've gone thru something worse than that...lying on cold cement floors in jail without getting sleep"

good that we have waiting to get tired of :)

Gangadhar said...

When I finished 1st standard I was so excited because I thought it was all the school i would need for the rest of my life.

Soumyadip said...

Zindagi zindadili ka naam hain.

Appu said...

Champ, enjoy these days while you can. I have been working for 6 years now, and the very idea of a vacation seems a distant dream, and the pressures of the corporate world keep you off from what you love to do.
So, heres advance happy holidaying ... Sikkim... ooohh...

Arz000n said...

Do something creative....varna pade pade bore ho jaaoge :)

Hiren said...

The purpose of life is to know your purpose. Zindagni poore dil or dimag se jeeni chaahiye, kaakte to jaanvar hai. Man has consciousness. Hope you do well in your job but beware- many people suffer for a lifetime because being in the wrong job- it should involve both mind and heart.

Abaniko said...

when a person stops anticipating, he's dead. enjoy life, buddy.

dwaipayan said...

a very good way to think.. and it helps a lot.

yes dude!! I can understand!!


I know yaar!! but at times I just couldn't feel jindadil... thankfully most times are not like that.

welcome to 'meaningless crap'. I do enjoy as much as I can. and sikkim.....yes man!! i'm quite looking forward to this holiday. sikkim is my favourite hillstation after shillong. shillong is lucky for me and I can have simply fab food cooked by my maasi there.

for the creative kick I wanna join ads. and these days all my creativity is limited to made up stories about my classmates. some of which can't be published.

I know.. I listened to my heart and so I decided to join advertising insted of doing my PhD.

thanks for helpinf me realize that I still am alive.

Rohit Talwar said...

As of now, I'm trying to figure out if I need to grow up even more! Still confused :|

medusa said...

i am going to be 25, and i went and told a prof i want to be like him when i GROW UP.
so there....

educatedunemployed said...

No u can make ur life more interesting, by taking some interest in it.U r doing a masters not so many people in this counrty get that lucky.Make good use of it and work towards a goal.The pleasure of achievement is what keeps people happy.

Rohit..yeah dude you need to grow up till you get tired of it.